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What's New

Esca participated international fishing fair in Beijing, China Fish 2012

Date: Feb 6-8, 2012
Being one of the 3 leading international fishing tackle trade shows in the world, the 22nd China International Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (China Fish 2012) gathered world-wide fishing tackle companies, numerous visitors and buyers…(see more)

ESCA is honorably awarded the prize of The Best Product Showcase in China Fish 2012

Date: Feb 7 2012
The event of the Best Product Showcase is the focus by all attendees in China Fish 2012 trade show. Winning the prize of the Best Product Showcase has been the expectation and honor of all exhibitors…(see more)

Esca® is recognized as one of the Best Products in China Fish 2012

Date: Feb 7 2012
Esca® Technology with international patents in Japan, USA…... has gained the positive acknowledgements and supports by most of the international visitors and buyers who voted Esca® Technology products in China Fish 2012…(see more)

Image of the moment

Esca® – Attracts fish
Powered by saltwater
Improves all lures
Imitates nature´s lure lights
Generate EM field to lure fish
Makes lures and bait come alive

Rig Esca® with your lure – catch more fish!